Murillo's Resume

Murillo de Miranda Pereira

Joinville, SC, Brazil

I have experience ranging from React, React Native, and AngularJS to doing stuff in the backend with NodeJS, and Python.

I'm interested in design systems, a11y, JAMstack, core engineering, UX/DX, and good environments (folks).


Centro Universitário - Católica de Santa Catarina, Joinville/Brazil

  • Software Engineering
  • 2017 / 2020

UniSociesc - Universidade Sociedade Educacional de Santa Catarina, Joinville/Brazil

  • Computer Engineering
  • 2016 / 2016

UniSociesc - Educação e Tecnologia, Campus Boa Vista, Joinville/Brazil

  • Computer Technologist
  • 2013 / 2015

Love working with

Front end development, design systems, UI components, a11y, performance first, JAMstack, UX/DX principles, CI/CD

Also like

Full stack development, mobile development, functional programming


LanguagesJavascript, TypeScript, Python, C++, Java

DatabasesDynamoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Libs / FrameworksReactJS, Nextjs, React Native, ReasonReact, NodeJS, AngularJS, Ionic

Platforms and ToolsAWS (Lambda, S3, DynamoDB and others services), Git, Heroku, Fabric

OthersCI/CD, TDD, SEO, GraphQL, APIs REST, RPC, XP, Scrum, Kanban


  1. Murillo M. Pereira, Gabriel Back, Nabor W. Júnior. "Arquitetura baseada em microserviço". The Open Software Engineering Journal, 2018


Senior Front End Engineer -Origin/ San Francisco, California - remote

  • Origin helps people manage their compensation, benefits, and personal finances
  • I work on the Spending team using ReactJS to help users to have an overview of their spending, such as general transactions, personal cash flow, limits for spending control, spending analysis by category and etc
  • Responsible for the creation/maintenance of the Coin Design System (internal DS) using ReactJS, Radix UI, and React Aria. I help from the creation of the components with the Design Ops team to the code with a focus on accessibility and performance
  • Nov. 2021 / Current

Senior Front End Engineer -Magnetis/ São Paulo, Brazil - remote

  • Magnetis is the first digital investment manager in Brazil
  • Responsible for the front end of the authentication flow and automated account creation regulated by the responsible bodies using ReactJS and React Native, we were able to make users ready to invest in minutes in a scenario where before it could take months
  • I could also lead the creation of the institutional website + CMS (ReactJS, Next.js, Hygraph, Radix UI) so that the marketing team could test new hypotheses daily and for a period I also had contact with Elixir, Phoenix, MySQL
  • Aug. 2020 / Nov. 2021

Front End Engineer -Mercos/ Joinville, Brazil

  • Mercos is a results and sales potentialize
  • Responsible for leading the e-commerce front end using ReactJS to restructure the project and keep the product functionalities in parallel
  • I was also responsible for building the new design system with a focus on creating accessible components using ReactJS and for a period I also had contact with Python, Django, MySQL
  • Apr. 2019 / Aug. 2020

Front End Engineer -SaleSpots/ Joinville, Brazil

  • SaleSpots is a market intelligence to find new customers
  • Responsible for the front end architecture of the application: ReactJS, (AngularJS and legacy Ionic), ensuring a responsive, accessible, and scalable PWA application
  • For a period, I also had contact with Node.js, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, and other AWS services
  • Jan. 2016 / Apr. 2019


Portuguese - Native

English - Advanced (reading, speaking, and writing)