professional background

+8 years of experience as a frontend engineer

name: Murillo de Miranda Pereira

city: Joinville, Brazil






senior frontend engineer at Origin (currently - 1.6 yr)

Boston, United States - remote

main libs: React, Nx (monorepo), Radix UI, React Aria

  • Origin helps people manage their compensation, benefits, and personal finances.
  • i've been working on the core team to provide users a comprehensive overview of their spending habits, spending and category-based spending analysis.
  • led the creation and maintenance of the Design System. Developed reusable components in collaboration with the Design Ops team. Emphasized accessibility standards and optimized performance to enhance user experience across products.

senior frontend engineer at Magnetis (1.5 yr)

São Paulo, Brazil - remote

main libs: React, React Native, React Navigation, Hygraph, Radix UI

  • Magnetis is the first digital investment manager in Brazil.
  • crucial role in the development of the authentication flow and automated account creation process, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies. Enabled users to become investment-ready within minutes.
  • led the creation of the institutional website and CMS. Empowered the marketing team by providing them with a flexible platform to test, optimizing user engagement and conversion.
  • demonstrated versatility by gaining exposure to technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix, and MySQL during a specific period.

frontend engineer at Mercos (1.5 yr)

Joinville, Brazil - onsite

main libs: React, Django

  • Mercos is a results and sales potentializer.
  • led the frontend development of the e-commerce platform to successfully restructure the project while ensuring uninterrupted product functionality. Optimized the user experience by revamping the architecture and implementing best practices.
  • spearheaded the development of a new design system, prioritizing accessibility. Worked closely with the design and engineering teams to ensure seamless integration and adoption of the design system.
  • gained valuable experience working with Python, Django, and MySQL as part of a full-stack development role.

frontend engineer at SaleSpots (3.4 yr)

Joinville, Brazil - onsite

main libs: React, AngularJS, Ionic

  • SaleSpots is a market intelligence to find new customers.
  • key role in the frontend architecture of SaleSpots' market intelligence application. Ensured the development of a responsive, accessible, and scalable PWA.
  • expanded expertise by working with Node.js and various AWS services, including Lambda, DynamoDB, and S3. Leveraged Node.js to develop backend functionalities. Utilized AWS services to enhance application performance, security, and scalability.